Portrait Painting Demo by Elayaraja: This is time-lapse version of portrait painting demonstration by hyper realistic artist S. Elayaraja. A realtime version of this video soon will be available at


  • It is time-lapse video
  • Learning is not the focus but you may get the process

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 9 minutes


S. Elayaraja composes his oil paintings with great panache and is a great player with light and show. He brilliantly captures the scene without compromising on light, reflection or even a crack in the wall. The finish seen on the drapes of the Indian costumes in his paintings gives them a realistic appeal leaving the audience flabbergasted. There is no doubt that S. Elayaraja is a perfectionist and a risk taker who is not ready to compromise any element that loses the feel of the scenario.