Madhubani Painting- A story of Mithila

Among the most famous paintings in the world, Madhubani painting is the one! Learn more about its history, themes and colors and modern art!
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Madhubani Painting- A story of Mithila

Among the most famous paintings in the world, Madhubani painting is the one. In Northern India, a region in the state of Bihar, Mithila in the form of paintings they have an important tradition of knowledge.

Women of Mithila practiced Madhubani painting through the centuries. And in the present time, it is considered a living tradition of Mithila.

This art depicts the social structure and also its depiction of the themes of love, fertility and religion. It also showcases the cultural identity of the land. And this art of the Mithila region expresses the sensitivity and creativity of the people practising this art and living there.

In a very interesting way, it showcases or reflects the morals, values and customs of the region and it also shows the psychology of the society to which it belongs like any other folk art.

It is an age-old art is done by the use of various things such as fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens and matchsticks and it uses various natural dyes and pigments, and it includes eye-catching geometrical patterns.

The Name and Origin of Madhubani painting:

They are the traditional fashion of paintings and developed in the Mithila region, it is situated near the city of Madhubani.

The literal meaning of Madhubani is “Honey Forest”. The artists practising this painting have an exclusive monopoly and the knowledge of this art is being passed and carried forward from generation to generation, that is, from mothers to daughters.

Since early childhood, girls learn to play with colours and the brush. Modification is done to this art from the traditional process. Traditionally, the Madhubani painting is done by hand, on a mud wall of a plastered wall, but as the commercial demand is rising, so now it is also done on paper and clothes.

Themes and colours:

Madhubani painting is of religious motives. Love and fertility is the central theme of all paintings. And this painting is done in various special rooms such as prayer, ritual room, bridal room or on the main walls of the village to welcome the visitors.

Paintings of worshipping the Hindu deities and various episodes of their sacred writings are the most painted themes and designs of Madhubani paintings. An the colours used while painting is manually prepared by the artists. For the brush, cotton wrapped on a bamboo stick is used.

Maithil Brahmin style and the Kayasthas style are the main exponents of Madhubani paintings. And in this village, Madhubani paintings have become a center of commercial activity.

The selectiveness in its artistic expression is the uniqueness of this art form. Earlier, these artworks were natural and monetary.

The easy transformation of knowledge which is some from generation based on experiment and creativity led to its expansion. Religious beliefs and hope of their well being had a strong connection with the use of colouring.

Modern Madhubani Painting:

Madhubani paintings are endured as a form of painting that is internationally acclaimed. And still, Madhubani paintings are continuing to represent and depict nature and the Hindu mythological figures.

The themes which are used by them are associated with Hindu deities, birds, fish, animals, various natural objects, religious plants. And the scenes from the royal court and the social events like weddings are widely painted.

Traditionally, Madhubani paintings has two forms: Bhittichitra and Aripana. Bhittichitra is the painting which is done on the mud-walls and especially drawn on some of the auspicious occasions. And Aripana is the painting that is done on the ground soil.

Government officials also persuaded women artists to draw similar Madhubani painting on paper, which would lead to commercializing their work for a worldwide market.

In the field of fashion also, many designers are making and launching Madhubani design collection outfits. And day-to-day objects are also painted in Mithila art.

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Artwork Credit: Fine Artist Kavitha Jetti


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